Artist Statement

My work as a movement artist and teacher is rooted in a somatic approach that recognizes there is an intimate relationship between the mind, body and spirit. I place a high value on improvisation as a creative tool of adaptability and individual expression, and co-creation (collaboration) as the shared space of enlightened communal experience. I believe these tools work best when individuals can learn to move effectively on their own while finding their original voice, in various partnerships with others, and while playing a role within a community. In my own company, Agua Dulce Dance Theater, co-directed with Alicia Diaz, I aim to develop a movement vocabulary and aesthetic that reveals my unique relationship to the world I live in. I emphasize organic ways of moving, attention to the present moment, adaptability and improvisational responsiveness. I strongly believe in the value of a pluralistic multicultural worldview, while finding connections across different forms and mediums.